Lab gas mixer MGP 2

In both industrial and laboratory settings, there are processes requiring the handling of industrial gases. One of the most  frequent operations is the dilution or mixing of two or more input gases. To do this, industries and labs can equip themselves with various gas handling devices.

The Gometrics solution means that these gases can be handled with just one easy-install and easy-set-up device, connected to the reference gas bottles. With the reference gas mixer MGP-2 operators can carry out gas mixing in a truly optimal fashion so that they are ready for use. The MGP-2’s modular architecture also ensures real-time system control and communication with its integral computer for diagnostics and remote operation.


Universities and investigation institutes:


Manufacturer of gases and measuring gas concentration instruments:

Quality and research projects.

Companies or laboratories of biotechnology

Development of new projects and products.

Gas analysis laboratoires:

Gas analyzer calibration.

Oil and gas companies:


Companies or laboratoires of nanotechnology:

Development of new nanotechnology sensors.

Technical specification

Supply pressure

600 kPa max. (6bar) 250 kPa min. (2,5bar)

Supply gases

Calibration gas: Connection to 8 (optionally 10) different gases and/or different concentrations Mixing: 4 (optionally 5) simultaneous active calibration bottles Gases: Configurable gas type, configurable components Inert: Two balance gas inputs: pure clean gas, dry air, N2 (others user definable).

Power supply 100-260 VCA, 50/60 Hz, 100W
Material AISI-316 stainless steel, Teflón®, Vitón®, Kalrez®
Mixture generation capacity Any setpoint combination possible for active channels
Controllable flow ranges per channel Maximum Full Scale per channel: 8 to 15000sccm FS (each channel can have its own full scale).
Maximum mixture flow

The sum of the individual flows

Accuracy and repeatability per channel

Repeatability: <+/- 0,2% of reading Accuracy: <+/- 0,5% of reading and +/- 0,1% F. E.* *May be higher depending on gas used

Connections 1/8” BSP (rapid fitting option available)
Weight 21,5 kg.
Dimensions 403 x 263 x 552 mm.


Ease of mixture creation 
Thanks to its intuitive touch screen interface, users can prepare any mixture in a matter of seconds, with no need for worksheets, since the software already has all the algorithms necessary to create the mixture balance or to calculate maximum flows while maintaining the proportions of output gas.

Accuracy and Repeatability
We have developed proprietary technology ensuring that the output mix is homogeneous, and therefore achieving the required reliability of operations in the production or in the lab. The result is a highly accurate and dependable instrument.

Test automation
Along with automatic mixture generation it is possible to specify a single test composed of different concentration test steps, which in reality it converts the device into a perfect gas automatic generation system ideal for calibration or when characterizing sensors.

PC, PLC and SCADA interface capability
Of course you can control your gas mixer remotely. One ethernet connection is available on the backpanel.

The Gometrics team will be happy to learn your specific needs and requirements. We suggest to contract an annual maintenance service for calibration and verification of subsystems, in order to maximize the lifetime of the unit and to adjust the performances of the instrument, and take advantage of any software upgrades.

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