Industrial Gas Mixer IGM

The IGM is the ideal solution for preparation of gas blends. Its rugged design allows high pressures and flows. With the software you can generate a gas mix with the desired ppm at the output mix.

The solution developed by Gometrics makes it really easy to carry out the operations of manipulation of these gases with a high level of performance. Thanks to a very versatile and propietary software the IGM allows the engineer, researcher or technician to optimally generate the required gas blend for your process in a matter of seconds. Typical applications include calibration of gas detectors, linearity analysis for analyzer verification, packaging for the preservation of food, material surface treatments and biochemical reactors.

Its design has prioritized precision, versatility and simplicity of use and safety. Optionally it can be supplied with a EN17025 accredited certificate in gas flow. Of course the after-sale commitment by Gometrics will ensure a long life


  • Controllable flow rates per channel: 8sccm to 350slpm
  • Channels: has 1 channel input balance and up to 3 span gas inlets
  • Gases: configurable gas types including premixes
  • Available for high pressure (e.g. 60 bar)
  • Touch screen
  • Reliability and repeatability
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Safety and durability
  • Easy to use software

Technical characteristics

Max. inlet pressure

60 bar abs (higher please ask)


Reference gas: up to 3 gas cylinders

Balance gas: connection to 1 cylinder of inert gas

OutputOne flow regulated output at specified concentration
Inlet gas typePure gas, mixed gas (configurable)
Power supply220VAC (with optional internal battery)
Flow rates per cannelEach channel specify between 8 sccm and 350 slm
Maximum output flow (mix)

350 slm (others on request)

Accuracy and repeatability per channel

Repeatability: < ± 0.2% of reading
Accuracy: <  ±1% of reading (for flow >20% of range)*