Humidity Generator Module IGM-CHHR

The IGM-CHHR is a humidity module that can be used in conjunction with IGM or MGP2 gas mixers to create different gas mixtures including a certain degree of relative humidity. 

Thanks to our advanced gas mixer software, a part of the dry gas mixture will be circulated through the water bubblers and, as a result, the relative humidity of the output gas mixture will reach the desired value. This is done in a very simple way and in such a way that the ppm concentration of the target reference gases will not change. To control the RH generation module you will need to configure the Mixer Control Unit (MCU). The MCU is a standard PLC-based system designed to automatically change gas mixer and moisture module flow set points based on the state of a process variable. The MCU will measure the process variable (e.g., RH, temperature, pressure) and modify the flow set points sent to the mass flow controllers depending on the algorithm defined by the scientist or expert engineer.

For example, the MCU can measure the actual RH in the chamber and through a feedback control system the PLC will control the gas mixer and humidity module to automatically reach the desired RH.

This innovative humidifier is the latest creation of our engineering team.


  • Preparation of gas mixtures with a certain degree of RH
  • Calibration of gas detectors and analyzers
  • Gas sensor characterization
  • Research and development


  • Humidity module
  • Mixer Control Unit (MCU)
  • Seamless integration with IGM/MGP2 mixers


  • Accurate, fast and reliable.
  • Automatic control of the relative humidity of the produced gas mixture.
  • Gases: compatible with different types of gas