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IGM Industrial Gas Mixer

There are processes in the industry in which it is critical the correct manipulation of gas flows. One of the most common operation is the blending of 2 or more gases available from gas cylinder standards, either pure or premixed with certified gas component concentrations.

The solution developed by GOMETRICS makes it really easy to carry out the operations of manipulation of these gases with a high level of performance. Thanks to a very versatile and propietary software the IGM allows the engineer, researcher or technician to optimally generate the required gas blend for your process in a matter of seconds. Typical applications include calibration of gas detectors, linearity analysis for analyzer verification, packaging for the preservation of food, material surface treatments and biochemical reactors.

Its design has prioritized precision, versatility and simplicity of use and safety. Optionally it can be supplied with a EN17025 accredited certificate in gas flow. Of course the after-sale commitment by GOMETRICS will ensure a long life.

The Gometrics solution means that these gases can be handled with just one easy-install and easy-set-up device, connected to the reference gas bottles. With the reference gas mixer MGP-2 operators can carry out gas mixing in a truly optimal fashion so that they are ready for use. The MGP-2's modular architecture also ensures real-time system control and communication with its integral computer for diagnostics and remote operation.


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